Computer Room: A fully equipped computer lab is available and all the students are given an opportunity to learn computers. Some students benifit from the experience as it teaches them sitting tolerance, while others achieve visual reinforcement of what they have learnt in class. Two students of Aashray have successfully passed their 10th standard computers exam.

Music Room: Facility to play, learn and listen to music.

Library: A wide range of educational books are available.

Assembly Room: Common area for conducting daily prayers, exercises and other activities.

Bus Facility: Convinient bus service is available for all students.

Toilet Facility: Child friendly toilets and assistance.

Lift Facility: The school has large lifts that allow maneuvering of wheelchairs.

Shop: Sheltered workshop outlet where the products being sold are made by the children.

Kitchen: A fully equipped kitchen enables students to learn cullinary skills and to make midday meals.

Examination Hall: Aashray has been chosen as an examination center for Pratham. Examination for the 3rd, 5th and 8th standards have been conducted for the last three years.

Therapy Room: Occupational therapy and physio therapy equipment are available in the therapy room, which help develop sensory stimulation and build muscular strength.

Nursery: Aashray has a special plant nursery where students are taught to nurture young saplings.

Happy Club: A meeting ground for severely handicapped children above 18 years of age, the Happy Club offers a platform for children who have reached their full educational and skill potential to interact with other similar children