Our therapy department includes Physiotherapy (neurodevelopment therapy), Occupational Therapy (Sensory integration), Psychological Assessments, Behaviour Management programmes and Music Therapy

Special Education
An individual educational programme (IEP) is made for each and every child and a general curriculum is drawn out for a cluster of 10 similar IEP's. These clusters are further segregated according to chronological age bands and each special educator is assigned one such group.

Sheltered Workshop
Children above 18 years of age are encouraged to handle independent vocations such as cooking and running the school canteen, candle making, paper bag making and festival specific items such as rakhees, diyas, paper lanterns and Ganpati idols. Their efforts are rewarded with a stipend, which is an even distribution of their annual profits.

They also run the school shop where all these handmade products are sold. Additionally, they supply pre-ordered Diwali and Chirstmas gift hampers and also organise an annual Diwali Fair.

This workshop not only prepares them with the basic tenets of profit, loss and business management, it also serves as a social club where all our Aashray students are life time members.

Home Programme
This programme is designed for those students who are unable to attend school regularly or not at all. Both categories can avail of this facility.

Out Patients Department(OPD)
We provide an early intervention programme for children from the age of three months onwards.